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Vintage wooden stool painted in the most gorgeous dark blue colour with a unique geometric design in blue, cream and antique gold on the seat. Available in two options, full geometric design to the seat and a geometric design that covers half the seat.


A wonderful little statement piece - perfect at a dressing table, in an entryway or to brighten up a corner of your living room. It's a happy meeting of country cottage stool and modern geometric paint work. 


These wooden stools are sourced and painted to order so they can be painted in any colour combination you like. Feel free to get in touch on 07747 111610 or email to discuss options and colours.


Geometric patterned wooden stool

  • All the furniture pieces we work with have had a life before we get our hands on them. They will never look brand new or have a factory-perfect finish. There will be imperfections and ageing, but that's what makes each one unique and special. We always choose my pieces carefully so they will last for many years to come.

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