A set of three oak candle cubes: tall 8cm, small 6cm, tiny 4cm. Made from a chunk of gorgeous oak with all the nicks and dinks of a previous life well lived. Sanded, cut, drilled, painted and finished to create these fun, colourful candle cubes that fit a standard tealight.


Please let us know which colour option you would like for each of the three sizes when you purchase. You can choose from the following sets:


Set 1: neon pink, neon yellow and aqua

Set 2: orange, yellow, teal

Set 3: light blue, green, yellow

Set 4: coral, yellow, aqua

Set 5: blue, white, neon pink


Each one is unique, none are perfect though these are a bit more refined than the rustic cubes. They are handmade and characterful in a very good way.

Set of three oak wood candle cubes