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Vintage cinema seats, time to get inspired

The possibilities are endless.

There are hundreds of fabrics, cast iron colours and seat numbers to choose from so you can create a set as unique as you and your home.

Here are a few ideas to get you started but we are always happy to chat through what you are looking for and help with ideas, just get in touch and let's find 'the perfect one' together.

Bespoke refurbished vintage cinema seat

Fabric inspiration - velvets

Fabric inspiration

We love patterns as you can see from the fabrics featured below, but plains can look stunning too and are available in any colour you can think of.

Fabric inspiration

Fabric inspiration - cottons and weaves

Velvets may be the classic option for cinema seats, but cottons and weaves can look great too for a truly contemporary twist. Many of these are available in other colourways as well.

Any fabric we suggest will be suitable for upholstery, fire retardant and hard wearing. Please note that fabric costs are in addition to the price of the seats and will vary depending on the fabric chosen. To get an indication of fabric cost please allow one metre of fabric per seat.

Cast iron colour options

Colourful cast iron fittings

All cast iron fittings a shot blasted to remove old chipped and faded paint along with any traces of rust. leaving them ready for a fresh coat of paint. The choice of colour is yours. Many customers opt for gold, black or pewter, but a full range of colours including neons are available. 

Gold cast iron cinema seat legs


Black cast iron cinema seat legs


Pewter cast iron cinema seat legs


Blue cast iron cinema seat legs

Light blue

Choose your theare seat numbers
Cinema seat gold painted number

Select your seat numbers

We will let you know when original seat numbers are in still in place. More often than not the seats come to us without numbers, so you can choose your own that will be hand painted onto the seat bases or opt to leave your cinema seats unnumbered. Seat numbers are usually painted in gold, but other paint colours can be used.

Seat board colour

Seat board customisation

Cinema seats are delivered on sturdy wooden boards that can be painted to work with the fabric or room flooring or stained to match the wood on the seats. These boards can be easily removed if you prefer to screw the seats directly into your floor.

Here are some we made earlier

Ready to have your own unique set of cinema seats created for you? Book your slot on our waiting list with a deposit of £50 per seat and we’ll work with you to create your dream set.

Single seat vintage cinema seat by Orange Otter
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