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Caring for your Orange Otter wooden watch

Setting up your new wooden watch

Setting up and caring for your new Orange Otter wooden watch is really easy. Before wearing it for the first time you will want to do two things:

1. Set the time and date

Both are adjusted using the crown. If you gently pull the crown out you will feel it click into two positions, halfway out and fully out.​

Pulling out wooden watch crown
  • To set the date, pull out the crown until it clicks into the halfway position and turn the crown in a clockwise direction.

  • To set the time, simply pull the crown out fully and turn the hands in a clockwise direction.


Push the crown back in towards the watch face to start the watch again.

Tip: if you are not planning to use your wooden watch for a while, you can pull the crown out fully to extend the battery life.

2. Adjusting the strap to fit

Every Orange Otter wooden watch comes with a card which has a tool attached to it for removing watch strap pins. This will allow you to easily remove sections of the strap to get the perfect fit.

Wooden watch strap adjuster tool on card

Step 1. Remove watch strap segments.

Use the thin point of the tool to gently push out the pins that hold the watch sections together from the painted side of the watch. It is important to push the pin through from the painted side to avoid damage to the watch.

Pin tool for Orange Otter watch strap thin point
Push pin through from painted side
See the full range >

Once the end protrudes from the strap, pull it out by hand or use a small pair of pliers if needed.

Pin protruding from wooden watch strap

Please note one of the standard middle sections should be selected for removal, not one of the sections closest to the watch face or fastener as they are a specific shape designed to link to the clasp and watch face.

 Orange Otter wooden watch strap section

Step 2. Reconnect the wooden watch strap.

Reconnecting the Orange Otter wooden watch strap

If you look at the pin you will see one end is slightly larger than the other and grooved to help it grip. The other end is smooth and the same width as the rest of the pin shaft.

Grooved wooden watch strap adjuster pin end

Push the smooth end in first, from the unpainted side. It should slide in easily until the larger end with grooves meets the watch strap surface. At this point, use the thicker end of the tool to gently push the pin in so it sits level or below the strap edge surface.

Pushing wooden watch strap pin back in

Using a jeweller to adjust the strap

A jeweller will also be able to quickly adjust the strap for you too. If you decide to ask them to do it, please ask them to push the pins through from the painted side of the watch.


Wearing and caring for your new wooden watch

1. Fastening the strap

Our wooden watches have a butterfly fastener designed to give our watches a clean, simple look when closed.

Orange Otter wooden watch butterfly fastener

To open, press the two protruding clips showing either side of the strap.

Orange Otter wooden watch strap clips

To close, place a finger underneath the clip and push each side into the clasp until the strap clicks into position.

Closing Orange Otter wooden watch strap

2. Splash proof but not waterproof

All our wooden watches are splash proof, but not waterproof so please avoid immersing in water.


3. Battery replacement

When the battery needs replacing please take it to a qualified jeweller.

Watch support

If you have any questions about your Orange Otter watch please contact us at   

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