These stunning vintage cinema theatre seats bring a touch of glamour and style to any home, whether used as a space saving alternative to a sofa, seating in a hall or home cinema. The curved back and deep sprung seats add comfort to the beautiful 1930’s Art Deco style. These seats were designed to be sat in for long periods.


Available in rows of two or three seats. Both the velvet seat fabric and cast iron legs paint colour can be customised to suit your style. Once ordered we will talk through velvet fabric and paint colour options with you before creating a set of seats unique to you.


Please note that fabric costs are in addition to the price of the seats and will vary depending on the fabric chosen, We are happy to discuss options with you before you commit to purchasing. 


Before delivering your refurbished cinema seats we will:


  • repair and replace the old upholstery and padding
  • strip and refinish wooden backs, arms and seat bases
  • clean and paint the cast iron legs and brackets


The chairs are freestanding, but we will supply them with a removable wooden floor plinth. Many of our customers choose to either mount them to their own wooden floor plinth that fits their flooring or screw them directly into the floor.




The soft velvet we recommend for the upholstery is stain resistant, commercial grade for resistance to wear (Martindale rub test 100,000) and class A fire resistant, but there may be some variation depending on the fabric chosen.


Wooden top rail, shaped arm rests, curved seat backs and seat bases. All wood is stripped back and refinished with oil and wax. There will be marks in the wood due to their age, but this adds to their unique character.


Cast iron arms and fittings will be cleaned and repainted, but due to their age there will be dents and marks.


Seat sizes


Run of two seats:

Height 86cm
Width 113cm
Depth Seat Up 41cm
Depth Seat Down 59cm


Run of three seats:

Height 86cm
Width 163cm
Depth Seat Up 41cm
Depth Seat Down 59cm

Vintage theatre cinema seats

Number of seats
  • All the furniture pieces we work with have had a life before we get our hands on them. They will never look brand new or have a factory-perfect finish. There will be imperfections and ageing, but that's what makes each one unique and special. we always choose our pieces carefully so they will last for many years to come.

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