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Reclaimed scaffold board desk, painted with a colourful stripe and triangle design. Finished with yellow powder coated steel hairpin legs from The Hairpin Leg Company. We love that contrast between the fresh colours, sleek legs and rustic wood.

These desks are perfect for a home office area, when you don't want it to look too much like an office, creating a fresh and bright little corner to work.

The knots and dings from a tough life on a building site give these desks so much character, that's why we love using reclaimed boards. We thoroughly clean, sand and wax them, so they are lovely and smooth to the touch and ready for use, while keeping a few rough edges on the ends. Please note that they do not always provide a perfectly flat surface as no two boards are alike.

The desks are available in sizes from 100-140cm. The length you see in the photo is our standard 100cm. If you need a different length, for example to fit in an alcove, please just get in touch and we'll be happy to provide a quote

We are also happy to customise the design and colours to suit your home. Legs are available in black, pastel green, duck egg, yellow, white, red and orange and paint colours can be swapped out, just get in touch to let us know what you're after.

The desk will be dismantled for shipping but we pre-drill the holes and provide screws, so it's really simple to assemble. All you will need is a screw driver.

About the legs from the Hairpin Leg Company.

  • The hairpin legs add a touch of mid-century modern style to the table.
  • The design stays true to the original hairpins designed by Henry Glass in the 1940s. The triple rod leg shape is a slimline flute and sits at a slightly reclined angle.
  • The legs are made from only the highest quality cold-formed steel and use powder coated paints for a sleek finish that is extremely durable and protects the legs from rusting.
  • Don't worry about damaging delicate floors or slipping on stone. Each table comes with colour-matched clip-on floor protector feet.

43cm deep x 100cm to 140cm wide (customisable) x 74cm high

Reclaimed scaffold board desk, colourful triangle and stripe design

PriceFrom £175.00
Hairpin leg colour
  • 43cm deep x 100cm to 140cm wide (customisable) x 74cm high

  • The scaffold boards we work with are reclaimed so have had a tough life before we get our hands on them. They are all slightly different with their own scars and imperfections, but that's what makes each one unique and special. We always choose our pieces carefully so they will last for many years to come.

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